Woodcarving Illustrated Back Issues


BACK ISSUES $4.00 EACH OR 5 FOR $15.00

Issue #8  carving through the ages part 1 the youngster face carving, making the best of acrylic paints, carving and gliding a pineapple, relief carving getting to know your tools, carving and painting a green winged teal feather, Pattern for st bernard, painting a whitetail buck, carving a winchester rifle

Issue #13  the screech owl by art shoemaker beginners, carving christmas ornaments or wall switch cover, pipes of whimsy art of james margroum, brush basics part I, olde world santa carving, santa head finishing techniques

Issue #26 beginners a sprightly rabbit carved, classic roses keepsake with power chisels, beginner little black duck carving, all about sandpaper, carve a sign, design your own caricature or portrait, Noah’s ark in relief, woodcarving the country bear and his friends pattern, dogwood egg knife carving, pattern cowpoke

Issue #30  chip carve a classic spoon rack, gunnar the viking carving, carving in live trees, carve a realistic decoy duck call, pattern cutthroat trout, carve a schimmel style tiger, carving the human ear, bald eagle carving part one

Issue #42 carving classic ball in cage, making free form custom wooden boxes, line carving three simple styles with veiner, realistic skin tones creating flesh colors, stylish birdhouse, Kolrosing norwegian line carving, all about files, rasps & rifflers, woodburning eyes

Issue #47 making a tramp art frame, exploring the culture of maori woodcarving, hand carve a realistic wolf, carving realistic wrinkles and folds, power carve an eagle pin, create a nostalgic whirligig, carving a wren in the round, pattern making a gargoyle cane, carving a watchful dragon

Issue #60 learn to carve low relief, creating a layered relief carving, unique bark house in the round, whittling lovespoons, quick & easy ark animals cheetah pattern, learn to carve these difficult by expressive features, making a caricature amish man, quick carve pumpkin house, carving a caricature canine

Issue #66 vintage wooden bowl with power carved leaves, carving a soap flower, little stinker caricature carving, chip carving bread board, floral love spoon carving, celtic twist green man pattern, scrambled eggs transform turned eggs into whimsical fish, carving a northern cardinal, learn to paint spring tulips, carving a native american, power carving a morning glory

Issue #67  whittling summer earrings, bills smile walking stick, making a hook knife, carving folk art birds, carving a caricature cowboy, chip carved toolbox, carving lips, learn to paint using oil paints, carving a seashell, carving a fisherman

Issue #68  hand carving a camping cup, carve a welcoming wood spirit, painting the fisherman, cranky morning coffee mug, carving a peach pit pig, plucky pilgrims, learn to paint using latex paint, one ornament for two holidays, carving father winter, carving a gourd

Issue #70  Irresistible carved cupcakes, small wonders tree spirits, caricature carving sweet spring rabbit, miniature welsh lovespoons, chip carved cross, carving a toad, whittling a dog, charming chapel plate relief carving, whittling a bear in a log, stylized sea turtle, whirligig running of the bull

Issue #72  the art of leaf carving, learn to weave wood, carving a pumpkin, grizzly bear bust, new options for bark cottages, the halloween express carving, old world style chip carving, nuts for the holiday walnut shell carving, caricature native Americans carving, candy corn goblins, getting started with architectural carving

Issue #80 high relief carving made easy, carving a red tail hawk walking stick, make a house sign, pattern making with clay models, carving a relief landscape, carving a boy scout, dual ornament, trick or treat witch carving, tiny t rex carving, bighorn ram head carved, standing blue heron carve and paint in relief

Issue #86  power carving a bear head, landing a largemouth bass carving, get whale soon carving, school of fish in relief, creature of the night owl pendant, windy the cowboy carving, carving wizard’s book of spells, chip carved picture frame, floral bracelet with carved charms

Issue #87 classic bark green man, greedy bear cub caricature carving, northern shoveler hen walking stick, stylized wooden combs, wood spirit in cottonwood, carved & burned feather earrings, cute & easy caricature pig, carving classic molding, carving  and painting notes baby chickadee, civil war soldier busts caricature ,

Issue #88 caricature cheeky beaver carving, making a mobius, cat and moon pendant carving, power carving a golden retriever head, chip carved ball foot box, carving jack the pumpkin, Old world halloween ornaments, making a mummy carving, whittle a wily witch pin, count dracula head carving and painting, burning the raven, classic oak leaf frame carved, caricature carving customize a fan bear

Issue #90  carving a bear & heart, simple fork & spoon set, chip carved gothic cross, carve & paint hangry hawk , woodburn hummingbird moth gourd, trefoil rosette applique, carving a baby dragon,  simple holiday houses, comfort turtle, flat plane bunny, whittled cocktail stirrers, mythical woodland cottage part 1

Issue #91  woodspirit in cottonwood bark, sunflower weave woodburning, carvinga pocket spoon, patriotic santa, flat plane alligator, elegant floral relief, Amy costello on chip carving, skater dude caricature with golf ball head, hatching a comfort turtle from an egg, mythical woodland cottage part 2, easy carve giraffe, realistic yellow rumped warbler

Issue #92 friendly gnome carving, stylized sugar spoon, acanthus leaf jewelry, leather bookmark woodburning, light up ghost carve and paint, chip carved phone holder, flat plane carving a bison, carving a pumpkin girl, power carved lion bust, mouse and pumpkin pin, soap carving bear and tree

Issue #93  carving saucer sled santa, simple snowman, flat plane reindeer, layered relief ornament, caricature winter hiker, carve christmas elf, pinecone ornament, peppermint penguin, tiny bird ornament, frostbite santa

Issue #94  easy honeybee, carving & painting striped bass, salad servers, butch the shelf sitter, carving a running horse, stylized gnome, chip carved cross pendant, flat plane sheep, comfort whale, flower garland in mahogany in relief, carving ruby throated hummingbird, orin the patchwork caricature leprechaun carving

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