Woodcarving Illustrated Back Issues


BACK ISSUES $4.00 EACH OR 5 FOR $15.00

Issue #88 caricature cheeky beaver carving, making a mobius, cat and moon pendant carving, power carving a golden retriever head, chip carved ball foot box, carving jack the pumpkin, Old world halloween ornaments, making a mummy carving, whittle a wily witch pin, count dracula head carving and painting, burning the raven, classic oak leaf frame carved, caricature carving customize a fan bear

Issue #90 Love you beary Much carving, Simple Fork & Spoon Set, Hangry Hawk carving & painting, Hummingbird Moth Gourd, carving a baby Dragon, Simple holiday houses, comfort Turtle, Flat-plane Bunny, Practise your airbushing skills on this realistic lure, Mythical Woodland Cottage part 1.

Issue #91  woodspirit in cottonwood bark, sunflower weave woodburning, carvinga pocket spoon, patriotic santa, flat plane alligator, elegant floral relief, Amy costello on chip carving, skater dude caricature with golf ball head, hatching a comfort turtle from an egg, mythical woodland cottage part 2, easy carve giraffe, realistic yellow rumped warbler

Issue #92 friendly gnome carving, stylized sugar spoon, acanthus leaf jewelry, leather bookmark woodburning, light up ghost carve and paint, chip carved phone holder, flat plane carving a bison, carving a pumpkin girl, power carved lion bust, mouse and pumpkin pin, soap carving bear and tree

Issue #93  carving saucer sled santa, simple snowman, flat plane reindeer, layered relief ornament, caricature winter hiker, carve christmas elf, pinecone ornament, peppermint penguin, tiny bird ornament, frostbite santa

Issue #94 Easy Honeybee, Carving & Painting a Striped Bass, Salad Servers, Butch the Shelf Sitter, Carving a running Horse, Stylized Gnome, flat plane sheep, comfort whale, Ruby throated Humming bird

Issue #95 information on Dust Collection Roundup, friendly Field Mouse, circle of chips, matchbox Aquarium, Whittled Unicorn, simple scallop shell, chip carved earrings, Realistic Tropical Fish, Fearless Freddie Caricature, chip carved Jewelry box, Volute Ladle


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